Malindi ODM Aspirant Amina Laura Mnyazi with ODM Leader Raila Odinga in Mombasa. COURTESY//IMAGE

Well-functioning democratic structures and strong political governance are central to economic development. However, a lack of information about elections in younger democracies can weaken the accountability of elected politicians and, consequently, decision-making.

Parliamentary political office has become both lucrative and sought after. The stakes around parliamemtary political contests have also risen significantly. In some cases, they are so high that the contests have become a do-or-die affair. Malindi Parliamentary contest is no different.

As voters have barely 7 months to go to the ballot and choose their elected leaders different positions, the malindi contest has shaped. All indications are that the Orange Democratic Movement Party is likely to retain that seat. Over 5 Aspirants for Malindi Mp have shown interest to run using the ODM party, a clear indication that the party is very popular in Malindi.

Battle for the Nomination Ticket

Two days ago, ODM Leader Raila Odinga expressed the party’s intention to conduct independent opinion polls in highly contested areas to map the popularity of the Aspirants who want to vie using the ODM party.

The revelation by ODM leader Raila Odinga of plans to commission opinion polls to help the party pick popular candidates has lifted the lid on his plan to avert an acrimonious fallout in the party’s primaries.

“The party has powers to issue direct nominations. How does the party do that? The party can commission an opinion poll,” said Raila.

If this opinion poll is conducted today in Malindi Constituency, then Amina Laura Mnyazi will obviously win this direct nomination then battle it out with her competitors from other parties likely UDA and PAA. Other ODM Aspirants are Philip Charo, Ken Mlewa, and Jammal Gaddafi.

But in case ODM party members in Malindi Constituency are challenged to go to the ballot to nominate their parliamentary candidate, chances are high for Amina to floor her three competitors.

Organized and Well Structured Campaign!

In our previous article, we noted that Amina’s campaign is well structured to the polling station and she has clustered the campaign system into function division e.g. communication, finance, logistics. This is unique given the fact that many Aspirants for reasons well known to them operate their campaign in an unorganised manner.

The 2nd Female MP in MALINDI!

Over the past 25 years, the overall percentage of women in parliaments has more than doubled, however the pace of progress has slowed in the past five years and women still make up less than a quarter of representatives in legislatures worldwide. 

In Malindi Constituency, the current MP is a woman, Hon. Aisha Jumwa-The 1st Female MP in Malindi political history.

There is a likelihood for the next MP to be another Woman in the name Amina Laura Mnyazi. Her name has sanked to many minds of Kilifi voters, her deeds are visible in every Corner of Malindi, her vote hunting effort is unmatched.

Being in the most popular political party in the constituency, if she grabs the ticket then her road to the 13th house will be unstoppable!

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