George Kithi (Geekay) Condoled by Kilifi Chief Officer, Economic Planning Ben Kai during his Father’s Burial. Image by Chaduchinews.

The 2022 political campaign season in Kilifi County guves observers a riveting spectacle and might include among other things political polarization among voters and crowded democratic primaries in some of the participating parties mainly ODM and PAA.

It seems like this 2022 will be a whirlwind politically and this election on August makes that possible. With ballots being cast on 9th August, Kenyans in social media can’t stop talking politics. But even before we get there, political stress, anxiety and panic is lurking in some players.

In Kilifi County, there is devolution succession mood towards looming elections in August. One man who has been visible in shaping the succession mood is non other than George Kithi. He has succeeded to make the political competition at the devolution level so interesting. For the last one year, George has made it possible to win the hearts of the majority electorates in Kilifi County.

However for the last one month, his political tactics and activities reveal that he is undergoing reflection likely to make a surprise move anytime soon. Some have speculated that he is likely to change his bid from being a Kilifi Senator Aspirant to Governor Aspirant.

These speculations have gone well especially to those who-will-be opponents once he switches his bid. The speculation has thrown other camps into anxiety and panic.

George Kithi for Kilifi Governor!

The conversation on whether George should go for Governor instead of Senator was introduced by majority seating MCAs from Kilifi County. Through a leaked chat conversation in their secretive whatsap group, some Kilifi MCAs sounded confident that once George decides to twitch his bid to be a Governor candidate, he is likely to win and succeed Governor Kingi.

Before that happened, reports reaching Chaduchinews reveal that George held different consultations with key players in Kilifi Devolution succession. One being the incumbent Governor Amason Kingi. If Kingi agreed to throw his weight behind George Kithi to be the next Governor, then that new bid will have big boost.

Chaduchinews will be keen to watch this political development.

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