CORONA VIRUS: No need to worry as Kilifi County Department of Health Services is not taking Chances!

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Kenya has confirmed the first case of coronavirus which the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic on Wednesday. The virus which exploded in China’s Wuhan City in Hubei Province has claimed 4,600 lives with over 126,000 people infected globally out of whom 67,000 have recovered.

On Friday Morning, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said the virus was confirmed on a 27 year old female student who traveled in from the United States via London, United Kingdom.

“This was a lady who was living on her own, I want to thank because she has put citizen responsibility to the test. Because the minute she started feeling unwell and she said to us having read what you have been publishing she thought that she took her herself to the hospital.”

Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe

According to Kagwe, this is an import and not a homegrown case thus an an isolated case and that can be tackled. The patient traveled from Ohio, Chicago, London before she arrived in Kenya on March 5.  The CS confirmed to the nation that the patient was in a stable condition adding she will only be discharged once she is treated and turns out negative. He added by saying that the ministry has contacted other people who were in the same flight with the quarantined patient for testing.

By the time Mutahi was making this announcement, there are 138,274 confirmed cases and 5,082 reported deaths worldwide. China leads with the highest number of confirmed cases and reported deaths at 80,815 and 3,177 reported respectively.

The impact of Coronavirus is now being felt in different sectors of the Kenyan Economy from tourism to merchandising, stock market to imports and exports. Different stakeholders are on alert and stock their resources and capacity to respond, among them are County Governments in Kenya who are Constitutionally mandated to handle the health function at the county level.

Many have asked Chaduchi News what Kilifi County Department of Health is doing to curb infection, spread or possibly respond (effectively) to clinical outcomes after any case is detected. For now there no single case of Coronavirus that has been detected in Kilifi County. Preparedness measures taken by the County Department of Health Services in Kilifi County Government are as follows:

 Trainings and sensitizations:

This is an ongoing process. but on 3rd March 2020, Kilifi County Health care workers were trained on management of coronavirus at Kilifi county hospital.

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Ongoing Trainings at Kilifi County Hospital Headquarters

There was also Donning and Doffing demonstrations during training of health care workers .

Protective Equipments and Gears:

The department collected 25 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on March 4th to 5th 2020 from the Ministry of Health Headquarters. For enhanced preparedness, more equipments are needed.

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A member of the CERRT testing the Equipments and Gears

County Epidemic Rapid Response Team (CERRT):

The County Epidemic Rapid Response Team (CERRT) was trained as master trainers on March 9th 2020 and more experts were Incorporated from KEMRI into the CERRT on March 10, 2020.

Sub-County Epidemic Rapid Response Teams from the seven (7) subcounties formed and trained:

In each subcounty, 60 members were trained as members of the Sub-County Epidemic Rapid Response Teams.

For coordination of the response, daily updates by the CERRT to the County Health Management Team (CHMT).

We have so far trained 120 health workers from the 7 subcounties and sensitized the community through FM radio(pwani and Lulu). Next week Tuesday all Departments(CECs, C.Os and directors)and on Wednesday members of the county assembly. We shall be distributing information material and sanitizers to all departments. The Department is working to ensure the health safety of all Kilifians. Most importantly we urge the public to take precaution and be vigilante and report any suspected cases. There’s no cause for panic

Kilifi County’s Department of Health CEC, Dr. Anisa Omar

Five isolation centres :

These have been established today in Kilifi county to quarantine suspected coronavirus patients.

St Lukes Hospital would serve Rabai and Kaloleni sub-counties, while Malindi and Magarini will have an isolation centre at Msena private clinic which has enough space and will be fully equipped. Two wards at Kilifi County Hospital have been identified to serve Kilifi North Sub-counties. Mtwapa Health Centre’s administration building will serve Kilifi South sub-county

More updates from Chaduchi News coming!

In case of any new information on this epidemic around Kilifi County, here are the hotlines, helplines you can reach:

2. 0793277819
3. 0794497578
4. 0794366212

For Eric Maitha
Surveillance and County Public Health Officer

On Friday, Kilifi County Governor H.E Amason Jeffah Kingi released an Official Statement to the media advising his County residents on how to handle the situation of Corona Virus and gave the above numbers for anyone to reach the County for support:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TO KILIFI COUNTY RESIDENTS Following the first reported case of Coronavirus in Kenya, the Kilifi County Government wishes to assure the public that it has already established a rapid response team that has been tasked specifically with dealing with any suspected coronavirus related cases. Our medical personnel have undergone training conducted by the World Health Organization and are ready to respond to any case at the Sub County level. We would like to inform members of the public that first line of prevention is a good personal hygiene and for this reason, we insist on the regular washing of hands with soap and water or an alcohol based hand sanitizer. We also urge people to avoid crowded areas and shaking of hands as one way of reducing chances of infection Coronavirus symptoms are fever, running nose, coughing, shortness of breath and body ache If you exhibit such symptoms or see a person exhibiting such symptoms, kindly contact the following hotline numbers:

1. 0745 984244

2. 0793 277819

3. 0794 497578

We urge anyone with corona virus related symptoms to isolate themselves and contact the rapid response team which will be deployed immediately to their location

H.E Amason Kingi, EGH Governor, Kilifi County

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