GEORGE KITHI! Emerging Bellwether of Kilifi Politics?

George Kithi. Courtesy Image

Political succession, in its broadest sense, has been defined as ‘the ways in which political power passes, or is transferred, from one individual government or regime, to another’.

In its narrower sense, it refers to orderly arrangements for the transfer of tenure of important offices within a state, which make allowance at the same time for change and for continuity. The extent to which they do so successfully has been suggested as an index of the political maturity of the state in which they operate. 

Now, what is cooking in Kilifi’s succession politics?What are the competing ambitions among Kilifi’s top politicians regarding 2022, when Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi’s second term expires? 

This article seeks to focus on one of the entrants of Kilifi’s Gubernatorial Election. He is none other than George Kithi. Chaduchinews are still wondering, how did he manage to emerge as a bellwether of Kilifi Politics;

Good introduction and entry

He came with a bang. Moved everywhere, met many people and made them know his leadership intention. Little did most of his competitors know that his unique entry style could work for him

Self Branding

George is the best branded candidate. Besides he has supplied the biggest number of branded merchandise to the Kilifi Electorate.

Highly Philanthropic

Through his George Kithi Foundation, the social investment that he has put us worth millions and millions of Shillings. Whether health, water, Youth empowerment and sports, he has caused many to smile in Kilifi County.

Media Vibracy

In both mainstream and social media, George is the most visible candidate. Every week he receives invitations to attend talk shows in TV and Radio stations. He has the biggest online team

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