Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho with Mvita MP AbdulSwamad. Joho revealed the Mvita Legislator aa his preferred Successor! Courtesy Image.

Mombasa Succession Politics are now getting hot as we draw closer to August 2022. The incumbent Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho being is constitutionally ineligible to vie for a third term in 2022. Now the race has attracted many political heavyweights.

Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharrif Nassir consultating Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Courtesy Image

However, one man is lucky and stands out as Joho’s likely successor. This man is Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharrif Nassir. Born over 40 years ago, the ODM MP who is serving his second term as Mvita lawmaker has honed his political skills, thanks to his close associations with Joho, who is seen as the region’s political kingmaker.

Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho together in Prayers with Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharrif Nassir. Courtesy Image

The MP, who runs the Sharif Nassir Foundation has made improving education standards in the county his key priority, something that has made a popular figure in the county. Besides that, Abdulswamad is the Chief Executive Officer of Radio Rahma which is located in Mombasa.

When Joho was at risk of being barred from contesting in the August 8 poll amid controversy that had surrounded the authenticity of his academic credentials, it was rumoured that ODM would settle on Abdulswamad as the party’s candidate.

Joho and Nassir. Courtesy Image

Joho made the announcement while officiating the annual Governor’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Mombasa. Thanking him for the endorsement, Nassir promised that Joho would be the chief Guest at the 2022 Governor’s Christmas lighting ceremony, talking up his chances of winning.

We’ll come here to support aspirants and help them advance their wishes. Now I’m telling you (Mombasa residents) that Abdulswamad Shariff wants to succeed me and he will be the governor,” Joho assured

The endorsement sets up a battle between Nassir and wealthy businessman Suleiman Shabhal who is also eyeing the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket for 2022. Shabhal ran against Joho for the seat on a Jubilee ticket in 2017 and lost, with ODM still the region’s most popular party.

The move came against the backdrop of a visit by the ODM leader to Mombasa. In a meeting with elders and clergy members on Sunday, December 19, Odinga asked for permission to take ‘their son’ Joho to the national political stage as his term draws to a close.

Nassir took the stage to thank Joho, extending an early invitation to the county boss at next year’s edition of the ceremony.

"You are the chief guest for next year’s governor’s Christmas tree lighting, nimekualika kabisa,” said Nassir. 

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