The work of Mercy by Governor Kingi impress a good gesture …

Kilifi Governor Amason Jeffah Kingi feeding Orphans with the end of year cake in his official residence during the end of year party he organized for the less privileged in Kilifi County.

It’s that time of the year, where many of us are about to look back at the 365 days of 2019 and pick out the best parts and compile them into lists. In this case, Chaduchi news is busy looking at various philanthropic gestures and initiatives this year. The idea hatched by Governor Kingi to host hundreds of orphans to share his love, food, items and empathy every end of the year impressed Chaduchi news. It looks like the Governor greatest concern is shaping a long lasting legacy on philanthropic matters while he was Kilifi Governor.

Governor Kingi posing for a photo with one of the

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” –Desmond Tutu . Whether official actions or personal actions, any good deed deserves to be commended. On thursday, what happened at the official residence of Governor was good. Chaduchi news commends the leadership action of Governor Kingi.

Governor Kingi posing for a selfie with Kilifi Orphans

While different Kilifi communities have responded to the crisis with tremendous resilience and have absorbed orphans principally within the extended family system, several empirical evidence suggests that families are struggling under the strain, which is reducing their capacity to provide and care for orphaned children. Some households are having an especially difficult time coping.

Kilifi County Households headed by elderly people and women, for example, who already live at the edge of poverty, must stretch their meagre resources even further. Households made up of children, often struggle to survive, dependent on each other and particular on older siblings. Existing programmes for education, as well as health, nutrition, emergency and social support in Kilifi County need to be expanded to monitor, identify and extend the delivery of quality services to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).  These and among many issues prompts the need for multi-sectoral response to be coordinated.

Governor Kingi enjoying a meal with the orphans

“As a County Government, we are undertaking a cash transfer program for the elderly, orphaned and vulnerable children and persons living with severe disabilities. A total of 1,750 elderly, orphaned and vulnerable children are already benefiting from this program. We are also looking to list all children’s homes and help the managements in their day-to-day running and ensure prompt issuance of bursaries for their best-performing children.” Governor king while hosting Orphans and Vulnerable Children from various children’s homes during the annual Governor’s Christmas Party held in Kilifi on Thursday.

During this important occasion and many others of that kind presided over by the Governor, it’s clear that Kingi’s love for Kids and especially those in need is unquestionable as he freely interacted with them.

Governor Kingi playing with the OVCs

The temptation to address visible social issues, and allow short-term, story-worthy opportunities to take precedence and allow systemic and cultural shifts required to address poverty and suffering is often the first port of call. Yet, short-term is short-term, and the issues that create the problem go unresolved. Thus the need for both individual gesture for short term gains and institution vision for long term impact. On this, Kilifi County Governor is totally in order.

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