My Space Proerties CEO and also Isiolo North Parliamentary Aspirant 2022 Mwenda Thuranira. COURTESY IMAGE

If there is a name that comes to the minds of many Kenyans intending to own a decent housing, then that name is Mwenda Thuranira. The 43-year-old Mombasa-based Real Estate master Mwenda Thuranira is the CEO and Founder of Myspace Properties, a company that helps buyers, investors, owners and developers meet their needs.

Having made it in the world of business, Mwenda is now trying his shot in politics. He aspires to be the next MP for Isiolo North. But he is doing this politics diligently and aggressively than most of those experienced politicians.

Mwenda and Wife at the Fundraising Function. COURTESY IMAGE

On Sartuday, the Property tycoon raised substantial campaign cash in well attended event organized at Valencia Gardens in Nairobi. It is reported that he raised a whooping Ksh 40M for his campaigns in one sitting from friends,business patners,family, isiolo businessmen and voters in an event that was held at Valencia Gardens Nairobi.

In the studded event,Mwenda was promised Campaign trucks,fuel ,strategic bill boards and campaigns tshirts and caps worth millions. Aspirants who attended the event included comedian Mc Jessee who is eyeing the south imenti parliamentary seat and others from Mombasa and Nairobi.

This is beside the endless list of many friends of mwenda from abroad who gave hundreds of thousands and never wanted to be mentioned. Mwenda who was accompanied by his wife and two sons, thanked those who contributed and exuded confidence that he would clinch the isiolo north parliamentary seat.

Mwenda with Sponsors at Panari Hotel receiving Food Donation to aid needy families in Isiolo during Christmas. COURTESY IMAGE

Two days later, he launched the MamboFresh Christmas Food Drive aimed at donating food items to to over 10,000 needy families in Isiolo. He Today flagged off a consignment of food stuffs to needy families in Isiolo in partnership with the Panari Hotel – Nairobi and Naiya Ratna.

Adressing his supporters and wellwishers at the fundraising function, Mwenda said his passion is to change the quality of life of Isiolo North people:

"I am here because of that deserving mama, who did not get a bursary for her needy children.I am here for those boda boda boys, who have to spend part of their small earnings on repairs because of bad roads. I am here because of that Ramadhan Primary School, in Wabera, where the teachers can’t drink water because they have no washrooms for the teachers. I am here to lobby and actualize the dream of Isiolo University, majoring on issues affecting Isiolo and the entire North Eastern region. I am here because of those living in fear, that their houses will be demolished, due to lack of title deeds. Moreover, for those investors who can’t unlock the potential in Isiolo, due to lack of the same. I am here because of the PWDs, who have no means of earning because of their condition. On our part, we have been providing wheelchairs to them and soon, all the disabled of Isiolo will be productive. I am here because of lack of water and medicine in our hospitals. Isiolo is potentially the future capital of Kenya, an earmarked resort city, the heart of LAPSSET, with an international airport and a world class abattoir. The opportunities are endless and the land is virgin awaiting exploration. The leadership has failed to tap into all this potential. We are here for CHANGE! With everyone’s effort put together: We look to achieve equitable distribution of resources among the people of Isiolo North, for we are one. We intend to promote education, including issuance of bursaries equitably, at all levels and create equal opportunities for all. We shall engage with the youth in search of talent and also empower them to achieve their dreams. We shall invest in Value Addition Programmes and ensure export of our local produce in all sectors. For instance, canned meat, camel milk, beadwork etc. We shall work to attract the EPZ for job creation and utilization of the airport for cargo and passenger transport. We shall enhance regional security and promote cohesion to ensure the socio-economic stability of our region. Join us in this journey to make Isiolo great. Tujenge Isiolo yetu for the generations to come, just like our forefathers did. "‘Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves the architects of the future.’’ – Jomo Kenyatta. Your support and contribution will not go in vain. We have done the groundwork, running a scientific campaign through research and we can confirm that a win is inevitable." Reads part of Mwenda's speech


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