SCRAMBLE FOR GEEKAY: Why every Major Political Camp in Kilifi wants George Kithi on its Side!


His name is allover in Kilifi County. It’s difficult to talk about Kilifi Succession politics (2022) without mentioning him. He has succeeded to build a personal wave. Like it or not, Lawyer George Kithi is one of the most popular politicians in Kilifi County.

What started as an ambition to politically lead the people of Kilifi County has now transformed into a force. A force very little wouldn’t like to be part of.

For the last one year, George Kithi has been crisscrossing the county to seek the mandate of Kilifi Voters to lead them as their next Senator. He has done it so aggressively and effectively to a point where he has left some of his opponents not only scared but confused. His popularity rating is 76% according to the latest pollster findings.

This ever-growing popularity of George Kithi has led to 3 major outcomes:

National Political Visibility

Nairobi has noticed George’s political impact. And as such, all the political big fishes have either met him or generated interest to meet him. Chaduchinews has established that almost all the Presidential Candidates have sought audience with George Kithi with the aim of him joining their camps/parties.

Appetite from Killifi Political Camps

By August 10 this year, the current Governor Amason Jeffah Kingi will be preparing to exist office as the 1st Governor of Kilifi County. The next Governor (Governor-Elect) will be known having been elected by Kilifi people on 9th of August.

The question is who is this likely successor of Governor Kingi.

Camps are beginning to shape. As it now, there are 3 major camps: Azimio or Handshake Camp or call it the ODM Camp, the Hustler Nation Camp call it the UDA Camp and the local Camp call it PAA Camp.

George as not yet declared which camp he belongs as the leaders of those camps impatiently woes George to their sides.

Public Presure to Change Bid

George Kithi lost his Father on 25th December 2021 at Coast General Hospital. The Late Peter Karisa Kithi (Father to George Kithi) was laid to rest this last weekend of 8th January 2022 at his Bale home of Ganze Constituency.

The funeral service turned political rally became a platform for several leaders mainly Kilifi County Assembly Members to convince George to change his bid from Senator to Governor.

Others leaders who joined the MCAs with the George for Governor rhetoric are Nominated Senator Christine Zawadi and Former Malindi MP Lucas Maitha.

In response, George said he will follow the wishes of Kilifi People.

“I am not that experienced politically but the little knowledge I have informs me that the people of Kilifi County are the one to tell me which political direction I should follow. If they tell me to turn right (read “stick with Senator bid”), I will turn right. If they tell me to turn left (read “change bid to Governor”), I will turn left” George Kithi when he rose to speak.

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