THE FACE OF COAST’S PROGRESSIVE IDEAS: From Jumuiya to Ukombozi wa Majimbo Coalition

The name Emmanuel Nzai comes with many things. But first thing strikes me whenever I hear this name is JKP-Jumuiya Ya Kaunti za Pwani. A coast regional eco-political block that brings together the 6 counties of the Coast Region: Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi, Taita/Taveta, Tanariver and Lamu.

Emmanuel Nzai is the Founder and CEO of Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani. I watched the establishment of this institution back in 2015 immediately the county governments were in place. Emmanuel was and is still instrumental in the growth of Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani.

The above case in point is just part of the premise justifying the proposition that Nzai represents the face of progressive ideas at the Coast Region.

Then comes the Ukombozi wa Majimbo Coalition that not many know about its genesis. After a comprehensive interview with Emmanuel Nzai, it has come to the attention of Chaduchinews that Ukombozi wa Majimbo Coalition is the brainchild of Nzai- another progressive idea. Here is the history.

In consultation with Kilifi Governor Amason Jeffah Kingi, JKP CEO Emmanuel Nzai used the Political Pillar of JKP to drive the idea of having an automous Coast Political Movement. That efforts combined with others led to the birth of Pamoja African Alliance Party. At first PAA was supposed to be a Coalition of Coast Parties.

The Coast Aspirations as drafted by Nzai and other Coast Professionals were well captured in BBI memorandum that was well presented by Kilifi Governor A. Kingi at World Waters Mombasa! That also informed the Manifesto of PAA which which Nzai was involved to develop.

Nzai furthered his progressive Coast idea of Ukombozi wa Majimbo Coalition that consists of Kadu Asili which he serves as the Party Leader, Shirikisho and Umoja Summit Party. Nzai also has supported the Amidzi Council of Elders (elders drawn from the 9tribes of Mijikenda). The Amidzi Council and Ukombozi wa Majimbo recommended Nzai to negotiate with UDA Kilifi and Kenya Kwanza. That is how he founded his way to become the Running Mate of UDA Kilifi Governor Candidate Hon. Aisha Jumwa.

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