Former Ganze MP, Hon. Teddy Ngumbao Mwambire with his family members in his Forodhoyo farm, Sokoke Ward, Ganze Constituency. Courtesy Image

The just concluded general elections can be termed as dramatic in some areas. Here in Kilifi, it is revealed that big names were not sparred by the ballot revolution.

Voters in their wisdom replaced office current holders for new ones. In some areas, performance record was used as tool to determine whether to eject or retain a leader.

In other areas, Incumbent’s burden was overcome by a well funded and organized campaign system that led to a serious force/waive for the incumbent to counter. For Ganze Constituency, it was not about performance. The incumbent faced a strong opponent.

Former Ganze MP Hon. Teddy Ngumbao Mwambire politically crowned in a local function in his Constituency. Courtesy Image

The story of Ganze Constituency and subsequent recent parliamentary elections can’t be fully narrated without frequent mention of outgoing Ganze Constituency Member of Parliament, Hon. Teddy Ngumbao Mwambire.

This is a story of two cousins turned political foes, one is outgoing, the other is incoming member of Parliament. This article will less focus on the victor of Ganze parliamentary elections Hon. Kenneth Charo Kazungu a.k.a Tungule.

Yes, Hon. Teddy Ngumbao Mwambire lost to Hon. Kenneth Charo Kazungu in a hotly contested Ganze Parliamentary Race. But Chaduchinews is keen on Mwambire’s next move.

When reached by Chaduchinews, Mwambire confirmed that he is currently eyeing for the Speaker of Kilifi County Assembly. Does he fits the bill? Let’s find out.

Teddy Mwambire grew up in the typical humble family in the coast and because of the large family, he had to be quite patient to acquire an education. At some point in his youth, the MP became a houseboy in Malindi, earning a meagre KSh 400 a month. The enthusiastic legislator opened up to previous media interviews about his humble background and unlikely rise to becoming a lawmaker and a Member of parliament.

In less than 10 years (2007 to 2017), Teddy emerged as one of the local/civic charismatic leaders in Kilifi county.

Ganze voters rewarded him in 2017 by elevating him from being Sokoke MCA to a Member of Parliament of Ganze Parliamentary.If he had been re-elected in 2022, then Hon. Teddy Mwambire could be on his way to the pinnacle of national political power.

But can the Speaker Position re-elevate him back to this political promise. Teddy is well experienced on matters of managing the affairs of the county assembly. Teddy is one of the politicians with good rapport with not only voters but also peers or fellow leaders.

His loyalty to his Party ODM has made placed him to the ranks of the Party representing the party interests in Kilifi County as the County Party Boss (County Coordinating Chairman).

He is also the outgoing secretary for the Coast Parliamentary Group. In the last parliament, he served as chairman, Finance, Staff and General Purposes Committee and later Vice – chairman of the default County Council of Kilifi before being elected as Sokoke Ward MCA and Deputy Speaker.

Before joining politics, he was in the civil society where he was employed by the Kenya Human Rights Commission through Muslims for Human Rights (then a project of the later and now a full fledged NGO).

Teddy holds a Certificate in County Governance, Diploma in County Governance and Management, Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration and ongoing Masters in Business Administration.

The next article will feature his legislative achievements while the deputy speaker of Kilifi County Assembly.


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