Her popularity rating keeps on growing. Her touch with the grassroots is miraculous. Her voice is not only commanding but very magnetic to the ears of the Kilifi Voter. Her podium theatrics connects well with the expectations of her audience. Am talking of a woman who is giving her male opponents sleepless nights. The first woman to boldly contest for the and likely to win the Kilifi Gubernatorial Seat in Kilifi County. Welcome to the world of the Kilifi Political Lioness. The Modern Mekatilili of contemporary Kilifi Democracy. She is Aisha Jumwa. Today Chaduchinews we are asking, who can defeat Aisha Jumwa in 2022 Kilifi Gubernatorial Contest?

Politics is funny. Very funny indeed. Looking at the political life of Aisha Jumwa, you will agree with me that, the unusual can become usual in Kilifi politics. Those in politics who have gradually grown like Aisha Jumwa have in them unique political experience. They rarely loose elections. Another good example is Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire. Aisha was once a Councillor, then a women representative and now an MP for Malindi. Her quest for Kilifi Governor has been witnessed as the most courageous, zealous and energetic since the advent of Kilifi devolution.

Kilifi Electorates Love Her!

While relaxing in the village,I responded to a call for almost 10 minutes. Besides me was my beloved mother who happened to realize that I was talking with Hon. Aisha Jumwa. After the conversation my mum asked “Ni Aisha Jumwa ye” (is that Aisha Jumwa you are talking to?) I replied “Yes”. She went ahead, “Mwanamuche Siasaye inanihamira mino. Ndamupa kura yangu” (I love that woman’s style of politics. I will give her my vote).

This is my Illitrate Mother who have never met Aisha but she has listened to her speeches especially in burials where Aisha and her attended mainly in Chonyi area. She has already decided where to place her gubernatorial vote without being influenced or coerced by anyone.

My Mother represents the thousands of women across Kilifi County whose love for Aisha cannot be hidden. What she has done for them or promised them is a topic for another day.

Perfect Mobilizer!

Aisha’s mobilisation skills cannot be despised either can they be ignored by anyone competing with her. If the UDA rallies are anything to go by, as well as her own meetings, then you will agree with that she is a perfect mobilizer. This was revealed in an UDA rally that was held In Malindi Alaskan Grounds some months. Malindi is her constituency and there is no doubt that she personally took charge of mobilising that crowd for her party boss Deputy President William Ruto.

The power of her Voice!

Aisha is considered as one of the most eloquent politician at the Coast region. When she speaks, she moves the crowd. That is why Deputy President William Ruto takes her to his presidential rallies in other parts of Kenya. This has elevated her political profile to be where she is. It has also earned her many supporters within Kilifi County including my Mother. Now is that competitor to floor Aisha in next year’s gubernatorial ballot?

Moribund Competitors

Apart from the Kilifi County Assembly Speaker Jimmy Kahindi, the rest are yer to prove to Kilifi Voters that they are seriously in a Gubernatorial Race. Others have not done even a single meeting.

The latest appearance in Kilifi County for the Devolution CAS Gideon Mung’aro was during the Raila’s political tour at the Coast.

Mung’aro of ODM and Jimmy Kahindi of PAA are the two competitors to battle it out with Aisha Jumwa. The rest are Kilifi Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi, JKP CEO Emmanuel Nzai, former Agriculture Chief Officer Baha Nguma among others.

But going by the current situation on the ground, most of them are invisible, little known and very passive in their campaigns. If this trend continues, then Kilifi County is destined to make history by having the first female Governor called Aisha Jumwa!


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