Ganda Ward MCA Aspirant Oscar Wanje receives blessing from a Kaya Elder. COURTESY IMAGE

In such an unorthodox election cycle, it can be hard to know what our duties and priorities as Christians should be. One thing’s for sure, though: religious must pray for our political leaders (1 Tim 2:1–2).

Oscar with Elders and Religious leaders. Courtesy Image.

As more and more candidates are showing interest to contest for different elective positions this 2022, the political game has just started and the nation’s political atmosphere cannot be the same again.

Inter-Religious Clergy praying for Oscar. Courtesy Image

The closer we get to the election, the more society’s general anxiety level grows. If you’re a follower of Jesus like me, you might be wondering if Prayers can be helpful in the heightened political. That was me. I did a deep dive, and I found out that Prayers can impact the the political life of our leaders.

8. Courtesy Image

But before that, one Oscar Wanje is aware of this fact. On Sunday, he played host to inter-religious leaders (clergy) and traditional elders as he seek the mandate of Ganda people to be their Civic leader.

It was a congregation of religious clerics all across Ganda Ward.: – Pastors- Muslim Sheikhs and Ustadh- Wazee wa Kaya They blessed, prayed fot him and endorsed him to the society as a best choice.

Nothing good but a Prayer. Courtesy Image

They were 250 clerics plus elderly pulled across the ward to pray for Oscar’s political course. Apart from the blessings (normally known as kuhaswa) from the kaya elders, the pastors and sheikhs, they also endorsed him as the best candidate from his sentiments, strategies and manifesto.

Blessings from Elders. Courtesy Image

Also, they urged for peace, unity, harmony and a good co existence during this political time. Those who attended were treated to a mouth watering buffet.

Ganda Ward Seat is one of the 5 Wards in Malindi Constituency. If Oscar wins the August election then he be the next MCA of Ganda ward..


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