YOUTH ON THE MOVE, 2022: The Case of Idris Bajun for Gongoni Ward MCA!

Idris Bajuni, Gongoni Ward MCA Aspirant. COURTESY/IMAGE

Political participation, and democracy more broadly, have become central to the recent discourse of social scientists, practitioners and the public at large.

Addressed variously under the headings of civil society, social capital, protest politics and governance, this debate has lent renewed currency to the age-old democratic question of how to ensure the effective involvement of citizens in the life and decision-making of their social and political communities.

Young people seem to show considerable reluctance to engage in conventional democratic politics. At the same time, new forms of social and political involvement appear to emerge among young people; In both respects, developments in youth political participation indicate a more fundamental transformation of contemporary democracy over the years to come.

There is a disconnect between young people and politics. Across representative democracies, young people turn out to vote at lower rates, donate less to political campaigns, have less interest or knowledge of traditional party politics, and are less likely to run for or hold public office than older people.

Idris Maalim Bajun addressing community Members in Gongoni Ward. CURTESY//IMAGE

For Idris Maalim Bajun, the case is different. In him, it’s a case of a young individual who has vowed to participate in the political process at his younger age: more likely to continue participating throughout his life. This is encouraging to other young people to be more actively engaged in the active elective politics—very critical for the future health of Kilifi democracy.

Gongoni MCA Aspirant Idris Maalim with ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga. COURTESY//IMAGE

Idris was born on the 2nd day of October 1994 in Malindi Subcounty of Kilifi County in Kenya. He started his formal education at Mapimo Primary School in Gongoni then later he joined Mambrui Secondary School. The 27 year old Idris holds a diploma in Public Relations from the Kenya Institute of Management, Malindi as he currently pursues Bachelors Degree in Public Relations at the University of Mt. Kenya University Malindi Branch. He is a Muslim by faith and loves Soccer as his main hobby. To prove this, he has supported this sports discipline in many ways in Gongoni Ward.

On the Move to Lead Gongoni Ward!

Young people are often excluded or overlooked as political candidates in Kilifi County. Kilifi Politics is typically regarded as a space for politically experienced men, and while women are often disadvantaged in accumulating experience to run for office, young people are systematically marginalized because of their young age, limited opportunities, and projected lack of experience.

In Gongoni Ward, things are shopping differently. Gongoni voters are beginning to show preference to young politicians. They see in them as the next desired leadership. On the frontile is Idris Maalim who has pushed so hard to change Gongoni political landscape in favour of the young political players.

Idris Maalim. Courtesy Image

This emerging politician has exhibited a nascent ambition founded on the willingness to put himself forward for political office (Gongoni Member of County Assembly-MCA) in a more extravert, more emotionally stable, more open manner.

Chaduchinews have established that the current MCA of Gongoni Ward will not defend his seat. Instead, he will run for Magarini Parliamentary Seat 2022. This leaves space for young emerging Aspirants like Idris to shine all the way to the ballot.

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